First of all I have to say that my experiences of browsing Youtube for entertaining videos whether they are funny, emotive, or informational have been quite successful. Today however I stumbled across this HORRENDOUS video which I found very distasteful because it mocks the idea and meaning behind Live Aid: To be charitable, not to be a gluttonous -fool-, to be sympathetic and act on that feeling and to care about others regardless of race, status and all the rest.

So initially the poster of the video lets us know what his or her message is:
“It’s dangerous to be right if your government is wrong.”
Okay, so in order to express a strong feeling of opposition to the government one must make a video about starving children in Africa and post distressing images of dead animal carcasses and extremely skinny black children whose bones are showing to make a point? You don’t have to be black to find this offensive, and I don’t see how this can EVER be viewed as comical by any human being. Starvation is not a joke. People dying in another country that isn’t yours because they do not have any food or water is not funny and neither is making a mockery out of charity and good intention!

With tv shows such as Southpark on air with its negative stereotypes of certain groups of people i’m not surprised that narrow minded individuals can be openly racist and label it as comedy or freedom of speech because the mainstream media tolerates it. When people are exposed to racism in this way it makes them desensitized to the negative stereotypes created around certain groups of people in society and people begin to accept it as the norm and as something they can get angry about but just have to deal with at the end of the day. This is NOT entertainment! The constant portrayal of ‘starving, deprived africa’ on tv just fuels this kind of media. Why doesn’t poular culture give people a glimpse of Africa’s wealth? Even when this is done negative connotations are generated around these media forms like for example in the film Blood Diamond (2006) which depicts Black Africans as poverty stricken, war hungry, violent and greedy people who actually have an abundance of wealth at their hands in the form of diamonds but are incapable of using it to their advantage. Instead, the clever white man comes to squander what he can and make a profit.

Having listened to the first 30 seconds of this video which includes the lines: “Eating dinner, watching Live Aid. Sit up straight you scruffy n—-r. Pass the Black Magic, Coffee cream love? No thanks dear i’m trying to watch me figure.” I was lost for words. Why would you sing those words and post a series of unfunny images, including one of a white lady in chip shop work clothing standing in front of the union jack flag and giving a thumbs up as she hovers over a huge pile of chips which demonstrates all things which are wrong with the West. There is also no need for the n word to be used at all, it is simply uncalled for. Again it reinforces the message that for the purpose of comedy it is okay to be racist and ignorant when it clearly is not.